About Me

About Me

Do you want to enhance your health with better food choices? Are you struggling to form lasting changes to your eating habits, wellness routines, and lifestyle? Or perhaps you’re uninterested in trying to lose an equivalent stubborn pounds over and once again and endlessly confused by all the conflicting “diet” advice you hear within the media or from friends? I can help!

My name is Bibha, and that I am a registered dietitian and authorized dietitian nutrition coach. I can assist you to improve your health and shed pounds by adopting healthy habits that add up for your specific circumstances, needs, and goals… so you’ll love the way their body looks, feels, and performs at every age!

I provide lasting solutions that help you:

Beat the age-related weight creep with an individually-tailored plan that creates sense for your body and lifestyle.

Eliminate the confusion and frustration surrounding ‘healthy eating’ by providing you with expert nutrition education and proposals rooted in science, not fads.

I will inspire, energize, and empower you (with a healthy dose of nutrition facts thrown certain fun and good measure!) so you’ll crush your goals one after another on your journey to health, wellness, and happy weight.

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Support Email-Dietitianbibha@gmail.com Contact No.- +91 9508490827.

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